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Quality of light maps out some of my most vivid early memories. Light dictates what my eyes record, what will be my most important details about a situation. I see light as my essential guide for studying and remembering—for taking in and telling a story later. From the time I was small, I remember recording images in my brain based on how light fell on a figure or filled a room. Even now I recall feelings from the past, which connect to present circumstances, simply because similar light prompts emotional reactions.

My reasons for recording the elements of the environment that surround me relate to ideas of memory and observing. What I do is a sort of mental “collecting” of events, which to me, speak clearly about the uniqueness of a specific time and place.
Though my work appears quite formal or refined on the surface, the process by which I work is intuitive. I search for naturally occurring moments that, whether they address quality of light or the compositional harmony of merging structures, they trigger a response within me that speaks honestly about what I see and feel. The end result are forms abstracted into simple definitions of time, space, and association.