Murals/Faux Finishing :: Rates
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A few things decide the pricing of a mural; mainly size and complexity. A very detailed mural or finish will cost much more than a simpler one, as will a larger mural or finish over a smaller one. By finding the right amount, and detail, of the elements of your mural you can get the most for your money.

Other considerations that may be included with price are: scheduling (rush jobs will incur extra costs), media & supplies (the amount and type of paint can impact the price) and distance (if you live outside of Baltimore City, I will have to charge for milage).

Most jobs start as low as $250, and work up depending on the mural or finish. Generally faux finishes are more detailed and labor intensive than murals, and therefore cost more. A $25 supplies fee is always included to help offset the costs of brushes, dropcloths, tape, etc. And for work outside of the city, I charge a standard 39 cents per mile fee per trip.

If you have an idea of the type of mural you are looking for, contact me and we can discuss how to make it as great -and affordable - as possible.